Sunday Escape vol.8


Hello Kiddo,

Happy to see the snow right?

Welcome back to #SUNDAYESCAPE from this amazing apartment in Istanbul.
I had been crazy busy over the past couple of months with the new collection's production, photoshoot, sales through online and at the shop (being there three times a week!), then re-production of a new stock.
I just found the time to chill and enjoy this view but unfortunately it won't last long as I have to say goodbye to this apartment and move out very soon. 2020 brought a lot of change to our lives and 2021 keeps bringing even more!
Can't be upsetting as new beginnings brings so much excitement to life!

Hope life is treating you well;
Have an amazing new year!


Can't think of a better scenery than Nuri Bilge Ceylan in his movies filled with snow. If you haven't watch this movie yet, then you definitely should when there's enough snow outside to drag you even more into this awarded film.

Snow mood


Having this radio on background in the house is heart warming. Try and see it yourself :)

My Sunday Escape dream...



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Eat Out & Take Out

Forget about cooking!
Cherish your Sunday and treat yourself.
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Enjoy this time of the year!

with much love,

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