Sunday Escape Vol.7


Good evening Çuval lovers,

I'm happy to announce that Çuval Shop is back in business! For now we'll be open Thursday-Friday- Saturday - Mondayfrom 11AM to 6:30PM. We also take appointments so please do not hesitate contacting us through @cuvalistanbul 

You can find me at the shop on Mondays and Fridays for sure as other days might have staff changes.

Today's #SUNDAYESCAPE will be mostly dedicated to #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement. Yes we do need to remind ourselves the freedom to live in equality over and over and get more educated on human rights to stick together.



For tonight I picked BlacKkKlansman from 11 Important TV Shows And Movies To Further Your Education On Black History.

Tribute tunes



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Eat Out & Take Out

After our final lockdown last week,  we're slowly opening up here in Istanbul. Weather is getter nicer each day and we all want to take a stroll and get some fresh air.

With that in mind, I have to tell you that  I cannot wait to eat from Girandola. My favorite ice-cream shop located in our lovely neighborhood Arnavutköy.
Have an amazing week!

with much love,

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