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Article: SUNDAY ESCAPE vol.23 Chiang Mai, Thailand

SUNDAY ESCAPE vol.23 Chiang Mai, Thailand

SUNDAY ESCAPE vol.23 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen




 Hello Çuval people,

 Once visiting Thailand there are so many stops one can make! You can either go north to cover more historic parts or go south to enjoy the beaches and islands. If you have enough time - like two weeks you should definitely do both!

This time I have chosen one stop at north and then fly to Bali to meet a friend and discover another culture that is interconnected with Buddhism and rituals.
As a summary of this whole one month trip, the tree days I spent in this charming city are the ones that left the best feeling I still carry in my heart.


Oh my! Chiang Mai!
I fell in love with this city at once!
Once the capital of kingdom Lan Na meaning "New City",  this place has been awarded by UNESCO as "Creative City".
As a tourist it's best to get placed at Mueng Chiang Mai district, the area (like a square as seen on the map) surrounded by ancient temples. 
I spent my first day of strolling with Wat Lok Moli (above) continued to...

Wat Chiang Mun

From all the temples I visited around this area (of course I haven't seen all of them as there are too many :) this one was my favorite with it's big beautiful garden. I had such a graceful moment sitting on a stone bench to rest from my traveling the night before, while contemplating all the trees, flowers already blossomed from Spring and listening to monks chanting on their afternoon practice. 


Day & Night 

It gets hot past afternoon so try to cool off with an Iced Coffee maybe at Cool Muang Coffee and contemplate the graffitis on their wall before passing through Tha Phae Gate to continue clockwise route around the square.
Taking a break before dinner is a good idea cause there is more walking to do at night time as well. The center is like Walt Disney Town made for adults filled with thrift stores, gift and smoke shops or cafes, arts and craft fairs, concerts and more! I assure you there won't be a moment of boredom especially if you're a solo traveler :)

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Located a bit far from center, at the mountain of "Doi Suthep" either have a deal with a driver on your way back to airport to make this stop or don't go too early as there won't be anyone to share the red tuk tuk. My misfortune turned into an opportunity where I had my first and best scooter experience riding the roads of this beautiful mountain!


Monks Trail

 One of the main trails for pilgrims and visitors to go to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep before followers the construction of a road in 1935 was this path but you can only walk to Wat Pha Lat which is easy and short hike of 2km. Wearing closed shoes or hiking footwear is highly recommended as the trail is rough and quite rocky sometimes. 
The highlight of my short trip to Chiang Mai was this morning where I started my day in the forest at 7am with nobody around. It was just me, the tiny roads, enchanting nature and the peace every sensation created. 
After 45min of experiencing "mindfullness" just like a monk, reaching to an amazing view of the temple is something one must live! 
Love from


-- Ayse --

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