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Article: Sunday Escape vol.24 Leros, Greece #CUVALTRAVELS

Sunday Escape vol.24 Leros, Greece  #CUVALTRAVELS

Sunday Escape vol.24 Leros, Greece #CUVALTRAVELS

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen



Dear Çuvalistas,


This summer Leros was the latest trend amongst Greek Islands and I don't follow trends much but to visit a small island for couple of days which is so close to Bodrum was so tempting and practical that I said why not pay a visit. Don't be fooled like I did as Kos passport office and ferry transfer are both quite hectic. So I highly recommend allowing yourself to spend at least 3 days on the island to relieve all the hassle you go through on your way to get there and come back. I will also tell you about the places to check out hoping to save you some time reminding you to book your table in order to get a great dinner experience as well.
To summarize in couple of words: it's a laid back, small and modest island. The feeling of it for me was the similarity of the summer vacations from my childhood. 


Some highlights from my trip and a few photos with The Journey Summer below.

Panteli Beach


Located at the left end of the beach Hotel Castello's eye catching umbrellas are very seductive yet it's packed. So keep walking and I assure you'll find better local spots to enjoy the sun and sea with the locals. 
If you want to pamper yourself with great lunch or dinner and swimming Zorba's Taverna is a great option as well as Pirofani Taverna.
Located on it's hill Dimitris O' Karaflas is one of the great restaurants with a nice view on top that you need to book your table in advance.

Alinda Beach

Before you reach Alinda Beach from Agia Marina, you will see Stis Annas Café with gluten-free and vegan options. Sipping my Freddo coffee with No.201 Small Blueberry on their front beach  accompanied by a beautiful view was a very relaxing moment.


Paralia Agia Kioura

 This beach was my favorite in all island! You will need a car or scooter* to get there. 


*if you don't want to rent anything taxis drive you everywhere for €8-10 and share their whats app number so you can call them whenever you need. Scooter rental is €18-20 per day and can be arranged with your hotel host.


Art Deco Italian planned city from the 1930s, Lakki is the main port of the island and ferries from Athens and the other islands in Leros arrive here. Even though our ferry left us at Agia Marina Port  I was curious to check out the area for lunch time. As you can't swim here, try to plan for a late afternoon dining at El Greco tavern or for a breakfast at Marietta's Bistro. 


Agia Marina

For a night out after dinner to stroll around the shops and bars Agia Marina is the hub of all. Indulge yourself with ice cream filled Baklava at To Paradosiako and a drink at  Faros Bar with an outdoor terrace located at the tip of the harbour.

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and enjoy your Sunday,


Love from


-- Ayse --




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