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Article: Sunday Escape vol.22 : Lesbos, Greece

Sunday Escape vol.22 : Lesbos, Greece

Sunday Escape vol.22 : Lesbos, Greece


Hello Çuval Lover,

I'm taking you to a road trip in a Greek Island this time. My highlights will include notes on what to expect when taking your car overseas and how you can make the most out of your experience especially if you're into camping.

​Called by Turks Mytilene (the capital of the island) Lesbos or Lésvos island is the hometown of ancient Greek poet Sappho who wrote poems with in which she expresses a strong desire for other women. So the term "lesbian"is originating from this island literally meaning, resident of the Isle of Lesbos. Got it? :)

First thing first get your visa, passport and all documents ready for your car including a car insurance called Green Card organized from your insurance company or an outside agency and your ferry tickets in advance. I'm saying this cause there are only two not well managed small ferry companies who has different time schedules and availability for vehicles. Then definitely pack your camping gear to expect no facility at all on where you will locate yourself as the island has very sweet and hidden spots. No. 209 Oversize Tote is specially designed for camping road trips where you can fill it all and see it all instead of getting lost in zippered luggages.

Get yourself ready to explore!

Towns and Areas

It's a huge island so it would probably take more than week to cover all areas in detail. Mainly you will hear three popular areas: Mitilini, Skala Eressos, Molyvos - Petra.

As the port is located in Mitilini, it's a great idea to spend a day or two either upon arrival or before leaving the island, locate your campsite for a couple of nights around Skala Eressos or Sigri and a one day tour in Molyvos-Petra.



Most of the restaurants and bars are spread out within the streets of the coastline parallel to port and Ermou Street is the street you're strolling for shops. Down the road there is a popular restaurant managed by three local woman:

Καφενείον ο Ερμής - Kafeneion O Ermis
(Kornarou 2, Mitilini 811 00, Greece)

The atmosphere is very authentic as well as their food which is based mostly on home cooking style grape leaves and casseroles. They don't take spontaneous visitors so you better make a reservation. Although...

Το Κάστρο (To Kastro)
(Ermou 326, Mitilini 811 00, Greece)

you have a great alternative right across and I highly recommend this tavern. The owner is very friendly - looks like a mix of fisherman and an old school chopper biker :) - performing magic tricks on you! The shrimp platter and grilled calamari was exquisite.

Παλιά Αγορά (Palio Agora)
(Agiou Theodoron 211, Mitilini 811 00, Greece)

After strolling around Ermou Street this looks like a cozy spot to take a drink and hang out with locals. As seen on their window display, you can listen to your records as they provide turntable inside.


Skala Eresou

The sandy beach of Eressos is almost separated in two sections: left side ('s end is port) backed by restaurants, bars and shops; right side ('s end is nude beach) isolated and liberated with campers.
Some of the restaurants and bars I visited...

(Skala Eresou 811 05, Greece)

Very clean and neat. I had both lunch and dinner and both were great experiences. Sushi Sardines were delicious as well as grilled calamari. Definitely order fresh cut potato wedges as a side. Nice service, owner is very kind but don't ask for a salad without tomato, he might get offended :)

Blue Sardine
( Skala Eresou 811 05, Greece)

Hippie at heart the owner of this place gives you the idea from their menu. Mostly visited by elderly people, it's a carefree experience so don't expect to much other filling your stomach with fresh shrimps and some ouzo.

( Skala Eresou 811 05, Greecee)

Very organized, clean, comfortable, family place. Try to go there other than lunch and dinner hours as it gets really crowded. The small shrimp dish with garlic was the best! - not many restaurants cook seafood with garlic like Turks. The owner has a close friend in Kas and visits Turkey every year so he gets us and even tells you the names of dishes in Turkish.

( Skala Eresou 811 05, Greece)

Perfect beach bar with tropical-themed coctails (mai tais, mezcals and piña coladas) and a beautiful sunset!

Other than eating and drinking check out some shops: Thalassaki, Beads&Cotton along with Gianelli Gelato's mango sorbe.

And if you haven't experienced yet swim naked from Nudist Beach at the very other end of the coast!

Molyvos - Petra

This area is very touristic probably because of it's castle located on a hill overlooking the harbour. The beach is not good and you hear Turkish wherever you go. It's not worth more than spending a day other than checking out shops and get a sunset drink at the top of the hill. The Octopus restaurant is overrated so definitely check out their neighbour restaurant Baboukos which is open thought the year to get a better price&taste performance. Located on the hill Misirlou has a very nice view and cute atmosphere.

Whats's next?

All that to say, I'll be looking forward for another trip to this island as there were many undiscovered spots that I found out later on.

I wore my No.201 Small Tote & No.206 XXLarge Tote all over town, beach, and beyond. There are very few pieces still left at 


Thanks for following along & enjoy your week!

-- Ayse --

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