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Article: Sunday Escape vol.12

Sunday Escape vol.12

Sunday Escape vol.12

Good evening Çuval Lover!

This image is from last weekend for a proof that I was busy shooting new collection for you and had to skip our #SundayEscape email for a week.

Due to lockdown we couldn't get into studio for product images, neither could we manage to do a photoshoot outdoors with a well prepared crew. But hey, aren't great moments comes casually?

Playing solo is the name of my game but along my way I always had angelic helpers show up on this lovely journey of mine who supported my efforts. This also includes you! Sending many thanks from for being a such great companion!

Please bare with me for The Journey Summer to be online soon - hopefully next week!

In the meantime we're happy to re-launch Kanji Print Series - my quarantine project that I started around this time last year. (How crazy that it's been a full year!?!) Remember that when you pick your Kanji Tote with your favorite Kanji character choose it will be hand printed by me so the printing process may take some time and so does shipping due lockdown business hours. As Rumi says "Patience is the key to joy." ;)



Life of Roy Halston Frowick (known as Halston) an American fashion designer that we never heard of until Netflix just launched this miniseries based on Steven Gaines' acclaimed 1991 book 'Simply Halston'.

I've finished watching last night, with tears in my eyes and my heart aching for him. Then felt so lucky that I had never let go of my brand even if I had the hardest times and had greater dreams that I thought would make me "seem" more "successful" (*in our times) .
I will always be happy that I have kept things simple, truthful and as they are while being loyal to my artistic vision and instinct.

(Just you know Liza Minnelli recalled seeing the designer for the last time him telling her ‘I think about my life, and I’ve had a wonderful life. Always.’” :) - via Fashion News



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is now BACK!

Kanji /ˈkandʒi/ noun. A system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters.

In ancient Chinese paper was so rare that people stenciled kanji onto thin, rectangular strips of wood. The Japanese language had no written form at the time Chinese characters were introduced, and texts were written and read only in Chinese.
Kanji are also called mana (真名, "true name, true character").

PLEASE NOTE: Limited stock and limited time available to maintain this project so you gotta be quick to decide and have patience to wait on your order.


More on this project!

Watch how I hand paint on Cuvalistanbul instagram highlights.

And see below how small print* looks
* hint: smaller is the better and faster to get your bag ;)



Enjoy your last day of lockdown!

Love from Akyaka

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