Çuval products are made from the finest natural materials including vegetable-tanned leather, suede and nubuck. Synthetic materials such as outdoor mesh, vinyl and canvas are available seasonally.

Our products become more beautiful over time and are intended to be enjoyed by generations yet to come, especially when maintained with loving care. 


All our leather is from Turkey and of the highest quality. Our vegetable tanned leather supplier has deep-rooted passion for tanning since 1927 using antique recipes including natural extracts and fat liquors.  Our supplier for nubuck is a boutique factory established in 1980, who uses only domestic raw materials instead of importing.  

Nubuck leather is highly distinctive with its gorgeously tactile texture and beauty. This is the result of the extra processing step where it is sanded and buffed in order to create its velvety look and feeling.

Vegetable tanning is the oldest, purist, and most natural method of processing leather. Our suppliers still use only full grain %100 vegetable tanned leather that uses no harmful chemicals and dyes in their production.

Naked finish vegetable tanned leather is leather without any pigment in its natural state. It will darken by sunlight, heat and sweat which will nicely age the leather over time through wear.

Leather is an inconsistent material with its own unique markings and irregularities that are natural characteristics and should not be considered as defects.

In Neu Land collection we use leather in its most original state with raw cuts leaving unlined as a preference for emphasizing our local craftsmanship.

High quality and especially natural leather products require modest maintenance. Therefore, below we explain how to take care and protect your bags for a lifetime.

Care & Instructions

The pebbled print nubuck that we use for Neu Land collection has special finish on both sides to protect this precious product. Although this should not prevent you from protecting your favorite friend by using proper nubuck and suede protective spray when needed. 

If your bag gets wet, wipe it with a dry cloth and leave it to dry at normal room temperature, away from heat sources. If the leather gets dirty, wipe it off with a slightly moistened sponge and some mild soap. Wipe gently; do not rub. Cleaning light-colored leather may give it a slightly darker tone and also may soften the leather a bit.

For further information contact us at shop@cuvalist.com or  consult a leather specialist.