Çuval: chu· val : sack

Çuval is a contemporary accessory brand from Istanbul, Turkey that aims to support and promote local craftsmanship while providing exciting and refined products.

Shaped around minimal designs, our color combinations create an inspirational visual harmony that makes a lifestyle statement.

Established in 2012 by Ayşe Özgüneş, Çuval is one of the first independent designer brands in Turkey to use canvas, linen, outdoor textile and intriguing materials mixed with Turkish vegetable tanned leather.

Çuval means “sack” in Turkish and was the first cultural appliance that mankind ever created to carry, and is the inspiration behind our name. Skillfully handmade by local Turkish craftsmen, Çuval has adopted an ethical consumer philosophy based on quality workmanship and materials. Each product is unique and created using traditional and artisan processes.

Ayse Ozgunes

After graduating from the Design and Merchandising program at Drexel University, Ayşe moved back to her hometown of Istanbul to pursue her dream of developing a designer brand utilizing local talent.

Taking inspiration from her imagination and the artistic communities of Philadelphia, New York and Istanbul, she was driven to use her passion for creativity and design to develop and launch the Çuval brand.