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Article: Sunday Escape Vol.1

Sunday Escape Vol.1

Sunday Escape Vol.1


Hello Çuval lovers!

Best day of the week to have a nice escape from life is absolutely Sunyday. 

I love to share a nice #sundayescape vision I dream for myself and share with the world @cuvalistanbul instagram account.

Now I wish to push this thought further to share some things like a nice tunes, fun recipes, inspiring films and other inspirations of such. While you're home today (hope that's where you are now), just sit back,  enjoy your chill out session or giddy up and get a move on for whatever you feel like doing.  

Çuval Mixtape, Playlist

We had a playlist for Çuval Shop in Arnavutköy and I worked on it more to give you the boost or relaxation you might need. Listen Here



Isle Of Dogs 

-  a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog  in Japan. Still haven't watched myself but I will tonight. Now that revealed my inner Japanese passion, I can show you my work I want to develop further. 


/ˈkandʒi/ noun. 

A system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters.

This one means Fire, one of the 7 elements on Earth. Going back to Çuval roots: burlap material with silk-screen hand printed by me :)

More on the way in the upcoming weeks... 

Cook & Bake


Mediterranean Style baby!

Olive oil, smashed garlic, lemon juice and s&p marinated fish with brown rice and purslane salad topped with strawberries, pomegranate and walnuts. For sauce: olive oil, smashed garlic, lemon juice, s&p, pomegranate syrup - let it sit 1/2 hour in advance ;)


If I was on the street

Stop right there!

We're still dreaming from where we are ok...

So glad we took these shots when we were able to. 

Now Night Sack I'm wearing is online now

I hope you enjoyed this letter filled with my inner world :) And if you wondered, the first picture is the view from my balcony. It was such a beautiful sunset that I had to share!  

Have an amazing Sunday!

Much love,


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Sunday Escape Vol.2

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