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Article: Sunday Escape vol.25 Oslo-Bergen, Norway #CUVALTRAVELS

Sunday Escape vol.25 Oslo-Bergen, Norway  #CUVALTRAVELS

Sunday Escape vol.25 Oslo-Bergen, Norway #CUVALTRAVELS

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen




Happy Sunday Çuval people,
When this letter finds you I'll be on my next trip, collecting new memories with my Çuval companions. As some of you may have noticed I fall far behind posting my journeys on time like this one that happened early this summer around June.  (can't say I'm a great social media user :) Still I can't imagine myself missing the opportunity of sharing my greatest moments with all of you. 
There are new back in stocks, updates about shop and some small accessories in production for the upcoming gift season. You'll be hearing more of them when I get back to Istanbul.
And hopefully you come to visit me in Çuval Shop, that is functioning more like a showroom now, to hear in person about the products and on my travels if you please.
In the meantime any review you will write about Çuval on Google Business is highly appreciated! 

Oslo Opera House

Take a walk to The Oslo Opera House for beautiful panoramic view of the city.
 If it's summer season you will be amazed by seeing people swimming and sunbathing in front of luxurious condos as well.

Munch Museum

 Such deep character Edvard Munch is, painting his own emotional and psychological state opening a new chapter called soul painting.


Do you notice the two facades of his persona in his reflections of self portrait? 

Rent a bike

Try an electric bike and make sure you have enough battery! Checking out sculptures at The Vigeland Park after a quick bite at Oslo Street Food is a good idea for a nice day.

RIB Boat Tour

Get a nordic Safari experience, encountering sea lions, whales and local sea birds on your way to Oscarsborg Fortress and have some adrenaline pumped up jumping on the waves made by cargo ships on your way back to harbor.
Through my way, it was very interesting to listen our cute Norwegian captain telling us  the history behind these swim houses: "It wasn't until the 18th century when manners changed. European ladies were taking a swim in the water with bathing costumes, through a ladder within these tiny houses so no one can see them."

Dinner Cruise


Enjoy a wonderful evening cruising within small islands and villages intertwined in serene waters of Fjords and imagine what life would be living in those beautiful town houses. 



at Hotel Amerikalinjen located at the heart of city and walk around when it's still not dark at 11:45PM :) 


The Flåm Line


Breathtaking views of spectacular nature, historical cultural landscapes and extreme engineering skills is worth the experience on our way to Bergen.



Picturesque wooden structures, rebuilt following a fire in 1702, became recognised as the world's cultural heritage as well as a Unesco World Heritage site. The wharf (harbor) houses a small museum, authentic shops, restaurants and cafés. 


Fish Market


Mind blowing variety of fish and shellfish is for you to taste, see and buy. You can also lunch in there or sea restaurants around it. 


Fløibanen and Fløyen


In less than eight minutes you are at the top and free to enjoy spectacular views of Bergen and the surrounding landscape. There are fun activities and games like ax throwing dressed up in Viking. Take Fløibanen back down, enjoy a leisurely walk down the mountainside, or go on a hike further into the mountains and try our more activities like zipline.


Fjord Table Experience

This was the highlight of my Bergen journey! With a small group, we took a private boat to a small island with a barn turned into restaurant, an AirBnB rental house and another barn for animals (that was it!). Villa Vestre is a family owned business, run by women. Owner Mariann Persson was such a great host telling us about her story on how she started her business while preparing sea urchins and scallops for us to taste.




If I could, this would be the picture to send you an actual postcard :) Maybe in very near future!


Stay tuned  @cuvalistanbul for more #cuvaltravels updates!
and enjoy your Sunday,


Love from


-- Ayse --

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