uval, is a contemporary accessory brand from Istanbul, Turkey who aims to support and promote local craftsmanship while providing exciting and refined products.

By using mostly fabric and mlxing intriguing materials with Turkish leathers, uval draws inspiration from 21st century mixed trends, diverse cultures, and contemporary art & music.

While using color and design to create an inspirational visual harmony and combining elements of self-expression and infused artistry, uval aims to add energy to peoples lives and represents a playful and eccentric lifestyle. With its products skillfully handmade by local Turkish craftsmen, uval has adopted an ethical consumer philosophy and aims to play its part as a Turkish brand known both in regional and global fields.

Aye zgne

Born in Istanbul and a graduate of Design and Merchandising from Drexel University, Ayse Ozgunes moved back to her hometown Istanbul, in search of adding some value to her home country. Seeking to escape from the stressful world of advertising, Aye discovered an inner driving force to create her brand uval, where she discovered her creative passion. She started using natural and local materials which are respectful to Mother Nature and took inspiration from her imagination along with the artistic scenes in Philadelphia, New York and Istanbul. She loves and respects anything that involves art and music. You can check out her personal blog *a*realsun taste where she collects her personal inspirations as well as her artistic visions.

Zeynep Gcm

After graduating from Johnson & Waless Retail Marketing & Management Department, Zeynep worked in several departments and positions within the fashion and textile industry in Turkey. She always dreamt of being a part of a fresh brand where the input of her knowledge and enthusiasm directly contributed to the finished product. In 2011 she met Ayşe and rapidly adapted herself to help the brands sales. She loves working for uval! She is curious, positive, enthusiastic and excited to learn about fashion; she constantly follows trends all around the globe. She also enjoys taking nature photography.

What does uvalİst mean?

Generally speaking Turkish people use ist to shorten Istanbul and we have used it to shorten our official name which is uval İstanbul. On the other hand, we would like to create a movement which we call uvalism and therefore a uvalist would be a person loyal to uval products. Join our movement!